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Jun 26, 2024



India's leading SaaS platform is dedicated to addressing the comprehensive needs of modern enterprises. The company recognizes the rapid growth and changing dynamics of the digital landscape. It empowers businesses to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and drive growth by providing a suite of innovative software solutions tailored to various domains, including project management, customer relationship management (CRM), and data analytics.

Additionally, it addresses the gaps in India’s current ecosystem of business software and services. By leveraging cutting-edge technology it encourages enterprises to harness the full potential of digital tools, helping them thrive in a fast-paced, technology-driven world.


The SaaS platform engaged Redrob to tackle its unique hiring challenges within the SaaS industry. With the urgent need to onboard 20 highly skilled software developers and fill 10 key managerial and support roles, the company faced heightened pressure to sustain competitiveness in the fast-paced SaaS market. This necessitated strategic budget adjustments to accommodate the urgent hiring requirements. However, looming cost-per-hire apprehensions cast a shadow over this ambitious recruitment endeavor, intensifying the challenge of meeting stringent deadlines while adhering to budget constraints.


As the SaaS platform embarked on its mission to fortify its tech team and support its expanding operations, it confronted significant hurdles, notably concerning cost-per-hire. Procuring skilled professionals with specialized expertise in niche technology domains emerged as a formidable challenge. The demand for such talent far exceeded the available supply, rendering the task of identifying suitable candidates with requisite skills and experience exceedingly arduous. Moreover, the rising costs associated with sourcing and attracting top-tier talent further exacerbated the company's concerns regarding cost-per-hire.

Furthermore, the fiercely competitive landscape of the tech industry compounded the issue. With numerous companies aggressively vying for top-tier talent, the task of attracting and retaining skilled professionals became increasingly daunting. Consequently, the company found itself grappling to effectively compete for the same talent pool, significantly heightening the complexity of the hiring process and necessitating strategic approaches to distinguish itself and entice top-tier talent.


To address the challenges posed by rising cost-per-hire concerns, Redrob proposed a comprehensive strategy tailored to the SaaS platform's specific recruitment needs. Leveraging our expertise in automating the hiring process and connecting the client with top-tier talent, we devised a holistic solution to optimize their recruitment efforts while minimizing expenses.

Initially, we introduced a consolidated platform for the company, granting access to a diverse pool of 1000+ qualified applicants. By automating every stage of the recruitment process, from job postings to profile shortlisting, we significantly reduced both the time and financial investments involved in hiring.

To ensure efficient identification and outreach to suitable candidates, we implemented a robust resume parsing tool. This technology enabled swift resume screening and allowed the company to pinpoint 500+ candidates with requisite skill sets promptly, thereby saving valuable resources.

Moreover, we proposed integrating AI-driven assessments from our 3500+ Assessment Library with customization features into their recruitment process. By tailoring well-crafted tests to specific role requirements, the company could accurately evaluate candidate aptitude. The incorporation of smart proctoring technology further fortified the assessment process's integrity, minimizing costs associated with traditional assessment methods.

By offering assistance in sourcing and providing the flexibility to conduct skill-based assessments and live interviews, we empowered the company to identify the most suitable 30 candidates. This comprehensive approach streamlined the recruitment process, enabling efficient candidate filtering for diverse job openings. The result was a significant reduction in time and resources spent on recruitment, showcasing the cost-effectiveness of our services at Redrob.


  • Reduced time-to-hire by 60%, ensuring rapid recruitment processes

  • Enhanced operational efficiency by 50%

  • Increased applicant engagement by 3X

  • Enhanced candidate quality by 50%, leading to more qualified hires

  • Successfully filled vacancies in just 6 weeks

  • Boosted recruitment ROI by 80%, optimizing resource utilization

  • Saved 80% on Cost Per Hire!

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