Bluescope Technology Reduces TAT by 50% by using Redrob - One Stop Hiring Platform

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Jul 1, 2024



Bluescope Technology is a forward-thinking company specializing in innovative tech solutions for businesses worldwide. Recognizing the rapidly evolving tech landscape, Bluescope strives to stay ahead by continuously hiring top talent to develop cutting-edge technology products and services. The company is dedicated to providing exceptional tech solutions that drive growth and efficiency for its clients.


Bluescope Technology reached out to Redrob with the goal of sourcing highly relevant candidates for their tech positions. They sought to reduce the time-to-hire (TAT) and streamline their hiring process to maintain their competitive edge. The primary objective was to identify and onboard skilled developers and other tech-related roles efficiently.


Bluescope Technology faced significant challenges in its recruitment process which included Sourcing Issues and a Lack of ATS. They struggled to find candidates with the specific skill sets required for their tech positions. The competitive market for tech talent made it difficult to attract and retain the right candidates. Also, without an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), their hiring process was cumbersome and inefficient, leading to prolonged hiring cycles and administrative burdens.


To address these challenges, Redrob implemented a comprehensive strategy tailored to Bluescope Technology's needs. 

First, we at Redrob introduced an automated hiring platform that streamlined the entire recruitment process, from job postings to candidate shortlisting. This significantly reduced manual effort and time spent on administrative tasks.

Further, through advanced resume parsing technology they quickly identified candidates with the required skill sets. This ensured that Bluescope Technology only engaged with the most suitable candidates for their tech positions.

Moreover, Redrob’s integrated AI-driven assessments evaluate candidates' technical abilities accurately. Customized tests were developed to match Bluescope's specific requirements, ensuring a high level of candidate relevance.

To maintain the integrity of the assessment process, smart proctoring technology was used. This included screen monitoring and single-screen usage to ensure the authenticity of test-takers.


  • Time-to-hire reduced by 50%

  • Improved operational efficiency by 40%

  • Expanded Bluescope's reach to 10x for qualified candidates

  • The position was filled within 3 weeks!

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